Der CVJM aktiv beim Reformationsjubiläum

International YMCA Reformation Camp

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International Reformation Camp Titel

Become a part of the Reformation Summer 2017!

In 2017, tens of thousands from all over the world are expected as visitors in the places of the Reformation, especially in Wittenberg near Berlin, the starting point of this great renewal movement. During the „Reformation Summer 2017“, churches from across the world as well as international institutions, organisations, initiatives and many cultural actors will present their current views on the Reformation. (Further information on the Reformation Summer can be found here.)

We as the German YMCA do not only want to celebrate the past: we want to use the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation to engage young people with the message of the gospel because the core of the Reformation , the „four sola“ (by grace alone, by scripture alone, by faith alone, Christ alone) are still relevant!

Das CVJM-Haus in Wittenberg. Im 1. Stock befindet sich die Volunteer-WG.
Venue of the YMCA Wittenberg

The Refo.Beach

From May to September 2017 we’d like to invite young people from Germany and around the world to the venue of YMCA Wittenberg where we are planning the Refo.Beach – an area full of sand and water (beach bar included) where young people can make their own Reformation discoveries with the Bible, with grace, with faith, and with Jesus Christ.

To make this event possible, we are looking for volunteers who spend two weeks between May and September 2017 at the YMCA Wittenberg, to live and work with ten other people. They’ll run the Refo.Beach and serve the visitors and locals of Wittenberg with evangelistic and social actions during the Reformation Summer.

Ganz viel Sand: Das Arbeitsmodell des Refo.Beach
Working model of the Refo.Beach
Noch eine Brache, bis 2017 entsteht hier der Refo.Beach.
Today wasteland, in 2017 the Refo.Beach

We are looking exactly for you, if...

  • you are between 16 and 27 years old
  • you have basic knowledge of German
  • you have a heart for talking with other people about your faith and your relationship to Jesus Christ
  • you feel like living and working together wih ten other young volunteers for two weeks in Wittenberg, serving the locals and visitors with all your heart and your power
  • you are able to pay for your journey to Wittenberg and make a contribution to cost such as accommodation and catering (We are asking for 140 Euro if possible, with 50 Euro being the minimum amount)

Timeslots you can apply for

2 Wochen Teil einer Dienst- und Lebensgemeinschaft sein
Be part of the Volunteer team!

Group 1: 23 May – 6 June
Group 2: 6 June - 20 June
Group 3: 20 June – 4 July
Group 4: 4 July – 18 July
Group 5: 18 July – 1 August
Group 6: 1 August – 15 August
Group 7: 15 August – 29 August
Group 8: 29 August – 12 September


Any questions? Want to apply? Don’t hesitate to contact the Project Manager Johannes Nehlsen: